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~ About Shaping Media ~

“What should I post on social media?“

“ How can I attract new clients through social media?”

“ How can I book more jobs through social media?”

“ How can I convert my followers into clients?”

“ How can I build a loyal community?”

Shaping Media’s mission is to assist entrepreneurs in developing their social media strategy to attract new clients and build a strong community. During my 7 years on Instagram (@shaping.sarah), I have built a loyal community of over 40k people who aspire to shape their bodies and minds through dance & fitness. This global audience has brought her numerous work opportunities, loyal clients, and the privilege to quit her full-time corporate job to pursue her passion. Social media is a free & essential tool for long-term success that anyone can leverage for their business. Ready to shape your social media? Let’s get started!  🙂

~ Do I REALLY Need Help?~

This service is MADE FOR YOU if:

✅ You’re a busy entrepreneur who’s struggling to be consistent on social media. ✅ You're seeking to attract new clients and opportunities on Instagram but don't know where to start. ✅ You're struggling to find creative content ideas to grow your community. ✅ You feel disorganized with social media and need some guidance. ✅ You're unsure of your brand's purpose and how it differentiates from your competitors in the industry.

~ List of Services ~